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About ITS4Thai

ITS4Thai is an ITS4Knowledge Learning Environment.

The ITS4Thai team, with members from six countries, is based in Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand. Team members who contributed to this project include:

  • Pomme: Managed the office and is the female voice
  • Jay: Is the male voice
  • Krisada: Recorded and edited the voices, and built the Flash games
  • Pornchai and Wittaya: Wrote the Thai lessons
  • Pahn, Bird, and Bulan: Added the lessons to the database
  • Yong and Onuma: Designed the site and drew some of the graphics
  • Jeep, Vicky, Joy, and Sharlesh: Drew the rest of the graphics
  • Ozzi: Built the HTML and designed the logo
  • Chris, Gordon, Alex, Mark, and Bee all gave extremely helpful feedback on early versions
  • Stuart: Tied it all together

Contact Us

Feel free to send us an email to info@its4thai.com any time with any feedback, comments, questions, etc.