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Lesson 3: Group 1 + Long Vowel = MIDDLE



This is the first "Words" lesson, where you will learn to spell words that are made from the letters you have already learned in previous lessons. Each Word lesson will focus on one tone rule. As you may know, Thai language has 5 tones. But there are over 20 rules that determine what those 5 tones are. We will cover at least one in each lesson.

Each "Word" lesson will also contain the Tone Chart at the top of the page. The rule that is being studied in each lesson is shown in orange font. The tone rule for this lesson is an easy one:

Group 1 Consonant + Live Syllable = Mid Tone
What do we mean by "Live Syllable"? Thai syllables can be classified as either Live or Dead. There are two ways to make a Live Syllable: either the syllable ends in a long vowel, or it ends in a live consonant. The words in this lesson cover the first case, and are made up of a Group 1 consonant from Lesson 1, with a long vowel from Lesson 2. This combination causes the word to have a Mid Tone.

We will talk about live consonants and dead syllables in later lessons.

You might notice that the chart shows are a couple of extra Group 1 letters that we haven't learned yet. Don't worry about those for now, as they are very rarely seen in modern Thai. We'll cover them in a later lesson.

Also, notice that in the Tone Chart we included the consonant   : aw àhng (which was introduced as the vowel  -อ : sà-rà aw in Lesson 2) in the Group 1 consonant list. As we mentioned in a previous lesson, this letter sometimes acts as a consonant and sometimes as a vowel.

And finally, one last note: In the Word List below, notice how the vowels are sometimes above, behind, or below the consonant. This is a common feature of many Southeast Asian languages. It's a bit hard to get used to at first, but it will start to make sense after some practice.


Word List:

Here is a list of the words that you will learn how to spell in this lesson:
crow gah กา
eye đah ตา
remember jam จำ
black dam ดำ
good dee ดี
early morning hours đee ตี
year þee ปี
look at doo ดู
crab þoo ปู
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