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Lesson 3: Where do you come from?


One common question you will hear from Thai people is, "Where do you come from?" You can answer this two ways, as we will learn in this lesson.

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Grammar Notes:

In the Thai Language, question words such as what, when, and where often come at the end of the sentence (as opposed to English, where they are usually first). In this lesson, the question word we are learning is "What?" or  à-rai . So you can ask what country someone comes from like this:
what country do you come from ?
kun mah jàhk þrà-têt à-rai
lit: you come from country what


You could answer by saying, "I come from Japan", or "I am a Japanese person". These sentences are shown here:
I come from Japan
 dì-chǎn / pǒm  mah jàhk þrà-têt yêe-þùn
lit: I come from country Japanese


I am a Japanese person
 dì-chǎn / pǒm  þen kon yêe-þùn
lit: I to be people Japanese


There are two points to notice in these sentences:

1) In the Thai Language, the adjective comes after the noun, for example:  kon  yêe-þùn  is "person Japanese"

2) The second sentence is an example of using the "to be" verb (in this case, "am"). In Thai Language, we do not use "to be" when connecting a noun to an adjective ( pǒm  hěw  = lit: I hungry) but we do use it when we are connecting two nouns ( pǒm  þen  kon  tai  = lit: I am person thai)


Word List:

United States þrà-têt à-may-ri-gah ประเทศ อเมริกา
come mah มา
people kon คน
to be þen เป็น
what à-rai อะไร
country þrà-têt ประเทศ
from jàhk จาก
Thailand þrà-têt tai ประเทศ ไทย
Japan þrà-têt yêe-þùn ประเทศ ญี่ปุ่น
China þrà-têt jeen ประเทศ จีน
France þrà-têt fà-ràng-sèt ประเทศ ฝรั่งเศส

Sample Sentences:

These sentences are based on the patterns described in the
Grammar section. Click here to see slightly different versions.
pǒm mah jàhk þrà-têt tai
ผม มา จาก ประเทศ ไทย
I (m.) come from Thailand

dì-chǎn þen kon tai
ดิฉัน เป็น คน ไทย
I (f.) am Thai

kun mah jàhk þrà-têt à-rai
คุณ มา จาก ประเทศ อะไร
what country are you from ?

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