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Lesson 3: Vocab: Twelve Colors


This lesson will teach you the Thai names of 12 common colors. You can use these to pick out your favorite color shirt when you're shopping.

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Grammar Notes:

All of the colors in the word list start with the word  sěe  - which means "color". This word is very similar to the Thai word for four:  sèe  but the tone is different. Note the different tone mark between  sěe  and  sèe 

When you are learning the colors, you are also learning a few other useful words, such as:

 sěe sôm  (orange) :  sôm  means the orange fruit

 sěe fáh  (light blue) : the color name is also seen in  táwng fáh  (sky) and rót fai fáh  (skytrain)

 sěe nám đahn  (brown) :  nám đahn means sugar


Word List:

green color sěe kěe.o สีเขียว
white color sěe kǒw สีขาว
yellow color sěe lěu.ang สีเหลือง
dark blue color sěe nám ngeun สีน้ำเงิน
pink color sěe chom-poo สีชมพู
purple color sěe môo.ang สีม่วง
brown color sěe nám đahn สีน้ำตาล
grey color sěe tow สีเทา
light blue color sěe fáh สีฟ้า
orange color sěe sôm สีส้ม
red color sěe daang สีแดง
black color sěe dam สีดำ
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