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Lesson 4: Vocab: Pronouns


Although pronouns in Thai language are not used as often as they are in English, it's still a good idea to learn them in the beginning.

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Grammar Notes:

Notice that the word  pôo.ak  which means "group", is used as a prefix for the plural pronouns. For example, we have:
 pôo.ak row  means "we, us, our"

 pôo.ak kun  means "you (plural), yours"

 pôo.ak kǒw  means "they, their, theirs"


Word List:

I (f.) dì-chǎn ดิฉัน
I (m.) pǒm ผม
you (singular)kun คุณ
he kǒw เขา
she teu เธอ
it man มัน
we pôo.ak row พวกเรา
you (plural)pôo.ak kun พวกคุณ
they pôo.ak kǒw พวกเขา
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